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Brian LeGros | September 27th, 2007 | food  

My wife and I went out to lunch today to a new teppanyaki/sushi restaurant called Fujiyama Seafood and Steak. We usually end up going to Makotos for teppanyaki (over on Babock), which is a drive, so we were excited to try a place closer to home. I’m always up for trying new places anyway and um … yeah eating, so it wasn’t hard to convince me to go.

The restaurant is located in a strip mall like setting with a cool little entry way that doubles as a waiting room. Inside the restaurant there are about 8+ hibachi style grills which can seat about 8 people per table. The dinnerware they use is some really high quality stuff (no platic soup spoons) and the tables surrounding the grills are made of a finished black stone, so the place has a very cool vibe to it. They also had a sushi bar on the opposite side of the restaurant and daily wine specials, but I didn’t partake in any of those things this time around. When we got there we were 2 of the only 8 people dining, but by the time we left, the place was filling up.

The lunch menu was pretty limited, 2 sushi/sushimi options and 6 teppanyaki options (each of a single choice = shrimp, chicken, steak, etc). I ordered the terryaki chicken (~$7) and my wife got the terryaki steak (~$8). We both also ordered water and hot tea (~$1.25 = green tea). The meal came with a clear broth soup, a salad with ginger dressing, a single grilled shrimp, fried rice, vegetable medley, and your lunch choice. The soup was chicken broth with fresh mushrooms and scallions but nothing special. The salad was very simple, but the dressing was excellent. I liked it even better than the ginger dressing that Makatos made famous. The ginger was not overpowering at all; it tasted extremely fresh as if it was made in house. The shrimp was a shrimp and the veggies were mushrooms, zuchini, and onion (my wife does however like Makotos’ sweet carrots better). The fried rice was made with seafood sauce instead of butter along with the usual egg and soy sauce mixture. The seafood sauce gave the rice a really good taste when cooked into it. The chicken and steak were very good too, not fatty at all, and of a good quality.

The big shocker for the meal were the portion sizes. As many of you know, I eat everything in front of me with a vengeance. Usually when I go for teppanyaki I know I should be taking some home with me, but the box is always empty. At Fujiyama, the portion sizes were just enough for me to be full without feeling like I had eaten too much. For me, this is always a plus. Also, they had saucers for the seafood sauce and ginger sauce which were split down the middle. Every time I got to a teppanyaki restaurant, they always give me a metric ton of sauce that I barely touch and they throw away. This just seemed smart to me.

The wait staff was extremely nice and attentive. We got to one part in the meal when the cook tried to volley a piece of fried egg into my mouth, as a trick for the table, and I got hit the eye, dazed, and knocked my fork off the table. Within a few seconds the manager came over and replaced my fork without me saying a word. Our glasses were always filled and our check came and was taken care very quickly. Overall, I really liked Fujiyama and will be going back whenever I’m in the mood for teppanyaki.

Fujiyama Steak and Seafood is located next to Home Depot at 5000 N Wickham Rd, Melbourne, FL 32940.

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  1. Joe Zack Says:

    Better than Makotos?

  2. Brian LeGros Says:

    @Joe – Makotos is still good; I still think they have a more diverse lunch menu and you can’t beat the carrots. That being said, this place is closer and seems fresher.

  3. Lek Says:

    I honestly still prefer Makotoes, but Fujiyama being so close to my house, it is hard to resist.

  4. Brian LeGros Says:

    @Lek – Thanks for stopping by. It’s funny you mention this. My wife and I were debating the other day on whether to go to Makotos or Fujiyama and Fujiyama won out because of location. We still like Makotos but it’s slowly becoming more of a rarity that we go.

  5. Anne Says:

    I used to enjoy Makotos… Now it is 100% that I will choose Fujiyama. I have several reasons for rating Fujiyama #1 in my book 1) They are VERY CLEAN and handle the food with standards set fourth by the Department of Health and anyone that works for the Departmet of Health will also likely choose Fujiyama. 2) They are FRIENDLY at Fujiyama…I have had too many snooty hostesses at Makotos treat me as if my family and I were just people they have to put up with, ugh. 3) The food is very good. The only thing that I don’t like is that sometimes it gets prepared with a little too much oil, and to me oil=fat, not so good. Other than that one little complaint, Fujiyama remains #1 for Melbourne.

  6. Brian LeGros Says:

    @Anne – Thanks for stopping by. More and more I’m hearing others say good things about Fujiyama. I’ve never heard the DoH angle before, so I can’t verify any truth to your statement, but I do find that Fujiyama is much cleaner than Makotos. At the very least it’s much more well lit than Makotos. Thanks again for the comment, I’m glad to see the community is enjoying Fujiyama.

  7. Lisa Says:

    I work at a business in Melbourne. We used to go to Makoto’s for lunch sometimes, for birthdays and such. I spotted Fujiyama on my drive to work one day and we decided to try it. We’ve never been back to Makoto’s since. Although I DO miss Maktoro’s carrots, that’s the only regret. Fujiyama’s is cleaner, their presentation is excellent, the prices are comparable, and the employees just seem friendlier and more welcoming. The chefs really try to put on a show, although I noticed the last few times we were there, they didn’t try the food toss trick, so maybe they’ve stopped. Not a big deal. I usually have either the salmon or chicken lunch, but their Monster roll is excellent, as is the gyazo appetizer. Recommend highly!

  8. Brian LeGros Says:

    @Lisa – Thanks for stopping by. Your opinion is starting to become the consensus it seems. I definitely agree with you about the carrots too. If Fujiyama were to offer them as a side, I would definitely pay for them; I can’t imagine it’d be that hard either: 1 lb sugar + 1 bag of carrots = done. Thanks for the suggestion about the dumplings and sushi.

  9. Dani Says:

    The first time we went to Fujiyama’s, it was all right. The chefs put on a very good show and the place seems larger than Makoto’s and well lit. The food was priced the same, but the portions were smaller than Makoto’s. Usually after Makoto’s, we have leftovers, but after Fujiyama’s, I still felt hungry. My husband ordered filet minon, but the chef cooked it with the other steaks, so everyone ended up eating his filet minon and he only had a few pieces, and the filet costs more than the steak.
    The second time we tried to call to make a reservation, but nobody was answering the phone. We showed up and they told us it would be 20minutes. That was at 7pm. By 8:30pm we were still waiting and decided to leave because I needed food (hypoglycemic). We had been watching and listening as they were sitting people. We understand that if you have a reservation you get seated first. But groups were showing up later than their reserved time, and we kept getting bumped so that they could be seated first, even though they were late. They kept telling us we would be next, and we told them forget it, cause it takes another 20 minutes until your meal is done.
    So my husband and I will be sticking with Makoto’s, since we’ve never lost our table for reservations who were late.

  10. Brian LeGros Says:

    @Dani – Thanks for stopping by. It’s good to hear your feedback. After a while the restaurant is bound to have a few issues, so it is disappointing to hear you had a repeat problem. I think there is plenty of room for both Makoto’s and Fujiyama in Melbourne. I went to Makoto’s a few days ago and have to say I still prefer Fujiyama, but I can understand where you’re coming from. Thanks again for the honest feedback.

  11. brittany Says:

    Fujiyama for the win!!! I live in merritt island and i will always go there!! Fujiyama is CLEAN. The carpet @ makotos is soo gross.. I dont know i just get a good VIBE when i go into Fujiyama. Their portions are right size for lunch!! I always go during lunch because of the prices! When 2 people can eat QUALITY food for 20$ including tip.. thats my kind of place!

  12. Brian LeGros Says:

    @brittany – Thanks for stopping by. Glad to hear you enjoyed Fujiyama. I totally agree with you about the prices and the quality for lunch. I’ve never thought about the clean carpet angle, but that’s definitely a plus. Great comment.

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