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Brian LeGros | October 11th, 2007 | food  

Ok, let me start out by saying, this will not be a positive review. Memories of India used to be a place that I enjoyed going for lunch. They have some decently priced lunch specials that can come with or without a somosa and all lunch specials also come with dessert (mango ice cream or rice pudding). So those are the things I liked.

What made me decide to never go to the restaurant again were two things: the service and the re-use of food (that’s right, you heard me). For lunch, anywhere from 4 to 8 of us from work would go out. Each and every time we’d go, we had the same issue with splitting up the check. The conditions under which they could split up the check always changed and when we finally got our bill sorted out, it would take over a half hour to pay so we could leave. As far as food re-use, the waiter took a bowl of rice pudding that someone took a bite out of and didn’t like, and served it to another table where it was promptly gobbled up. Whether he knew it had been eaten from or not, wow, that sucks. I know plenty of you will probably tell me that it happens all the time and it’s probably happened to me, but I saw it this time.

So with that I’m not going back to Memories of India in Dr. Phillips ever again. Maybe other have had better luck, but that place is off my list.

Memories of India is located in the Dr. Phillips area at 7625 Turkey Lake Rd, Orlando, FL

RANT : So many of you out there may be saying, “So what about splitting the check.” and maybe you’re right; for big parties there are usually issues at local places when splitting the check. The food however is not the only thing that motivates me to go back to a restaurant. Why small restaurants will turn away potential business by having poor practices for handling the bill is something I will never understand. And don’t give me that, “the software won’t handle it” BS; ring us each up separately or hold onto the original ticket and re-enter it. Good customer service with respect to stuff like this is something people remember and respect. If you’re too busy to be bothered with these luxuries for the customer, then don’t worry, I probably won’t be back. I could understand the argument that says the wait staff deserves the guaranteed 18% tip for large parties, but why not just charge this on the individual bills? I’ve have had this done plenty of times and in fact left over 18% most times. I have the utmost respect for the people who prepare food and wait on me when I dine at a restaurant. My quarrel is not with these people, my quarrel is with the owners and managers who adopt practices like what I’m describing. Maybe I’m alone on this, but I really have respect for the local places that I can go to, with a large party, and there is never an issue splitting the bill. It may be possible that these practices are in place to make it easier on the waiter/waitress, but I would challenge the owner/manager by saying, why is it hard in the first place for the wait staff to split the check? My mother, brother, and sister-in-law have all waited tables for years at different times in their lives and have the same gripes. Maybe I’m setting myself up for a lot of spit in my food, but the bill thing just “grinds my gears”.

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  1. Maxim Porges Says:

    Wow, that’s a shame. Jessica and I have been eating there regularly for years and have had a good experience 99% of the time. We usually eat there for dinner and don’t split the check.

    There is one server there we usually get who is fantastic and really takes good care of us and everybody else. The only time I’ve had anything remotely close to a bad experience was when their credit card machine broke and I had to go to an ATM to get cash, but I cna’t really fault the servers for that.

    Totally with you on the split check thing; inability to handle it in this day and age where everybody pays be credit card is pure stupidity. We went to Amura once with 6 people and the owner came out and told us he’d only split the check four ways. We sat there and stared at him until he caved and split it up, but told us he’d never do it again. All this at a place that I easily drop $25+ for lunch. I would have boycotted them based upon this experience if their sushi wasn’t so damn amazing (mmm…. Spicy Bubba Roll).

    - max

  2. Brian LeGros Says:

    @Max – It’s good to hear positive things about the restaurant. I used to go before the CFI days and enjoyed the food, but after 3 consistently poor lunches and the dessert fiasco, I had to give up. Maybe you’re right, dinner is probably better. Maybe one day I’ll get over myself and give it another shot. As for Amura, yeah they’re another place I really like but I won’t go to with a large party.

  3. MIKE JONES Says:

    Oh shut up and stop complaining about the food, its the best food you can eat, your just a crazy ass indian

  4. Brian LeGros Says:

    @MIKE JONES – Thanks for stopping by. LeGros is a popular North Indian name, so good call on the “crazy ass indian”. The food may taste good, but there is nothing good about unsanitary practices.

  5. kl425 Says:

    I think a lot of people will not go back to a restaurant if they get poor service, in this case, the restaurant being unwilling to split the bill. Sometimes business owners don’t realize the power of their policies. I’m sure the business owner would have implemented different policies for splitting the bill if he knew you were going to leave unhappy and blog about it for everyone to read.

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