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Brian LeGros | October 18th, 2007 | food  

I’ve never really been a huge fan of fondue restaurants. I’m not necessarily against the idea of cooking my own food, but I am against the high prices that places like the Melting Pot charge to dip a skewer in broth. In South Florida, I was always eager to try local fondue places in the hope that I’d find something reasonably priced so I could prove this stigma of fondue-style restaurants wrong. Unfortunately, I was never able to do so in Fort Lauderdale, although there may be more alternatives now. I have however, found renewed faith through the Colorado Fondue Company in Casselberry.

My wife and I, when we were dating and attending UCF, would always go to the Colorado Fondue Company, but it wasn’t until recently I realized how much I appreciated having this restaurant within reasonable driving range (i.e. – Orlando). Everything from the atmosphere to the server to, especially, the food is top notch. They have some of my favorite American micro-brew selections (e.g. – Rouge, Shipyard, Dogfish, etc), including seasonal selections, as well as a full liquor bar. Every server we’ve ever had, has been very attentive and great about hooking us up with extra food if we have larger parties. The quality of the food is great and the variations they offer on their menu have been the direction I’ve seen other fondue restaurants mimic, regardless of whether Colorado Fondue is that driving force. I never hesitate to take large parties to the restaurant and the only thing that have ever bothered me is that sometimes I need to make a reservation to guarantee I can get in.

This past weekend, a bunch of us went out for an evening of fondue, and the experience did not disappoint. We ordered the Fondue for Six (~$23 per person) which included 2 cheese selections for the table, a salad for each person, great garlic bread, and the entree. I always enjoy the Mountain Mix salad which is an iceberg lettuce salad with peppercorn dressing and trail mix that makes it delicious; I typically don’t like ranch, but they variation the restaurant serves is good. The entree includes pork tenderloin, fillet mignon, chicken, shrimp, mahi-mahi, mushroom caps, veggies, pasta, and 4 great sauces. We ordered a side of lobster as well (~$9). The meats can be prepared in the broth or on the 800 degree granite rock they give you for grilling. Grilling on the stone is a lot of fun. To end the meal, we ordered two custom desserts (~$13 each), milk chocolate, kalua, and Heath and milk chocolate and peanut butter.

All of the portions of food were prepared for 3 sets of 2 per our request and when the bill came there everything was spot on (we had a coupon) and the gratuity wasn’t included. I love it when servers do this for large parties because I’m inclined to give more than 18%. I can see how a waiter may get stiffed in doing this, because let’s face it, sometimes people are cheap, but I find it to a be a great gesture on behalf of the waiter. Maybe it’s their was of saying, this guy’s a sucker, but whatever, I appreciate it.

I would definitely recommend the Colorado Fondue Company to anyone who is in the Central Florida area that wants to try a great fondue experience for a much more reasonable price than other fondue restaurants. Now if I can only convince the owner and the brewer to keep a stash of pumpkin beer available year round … Oh, and re-do your website, your food is too good for what is out there right now.

Colorado Fondue Company is located at 1016 Semoran Blvd, Casselberry, FL

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  1. Colby Says:

    Yeah, I definitely miss this place as well. Neat atmosphere, great food, reasonable prices, and a fun time. Best place to go on a date in the Orlando area.

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