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Brian LeGros | November 4th, 2007 | food  

Last week, I joined my wife for lunch at Island Pasta Company, an island-inspired restaurant, located in historic, downtown Melbourne. There is plenty of free parking behind the restaurant and on the side streets, so definitely don’t be discouraged to visit the restaurant because of the downtown area (especially during the day). Dining areas are available inside as well as outside in the pleasant alleyway next to the restaurant. Now I have some pretty high standards when it comes to Caribbean food (Lauderhill took care of that … mmm, Jerk Machine and Robby’s), but Island Pasta is not your traditional Caribbean restaurant; it is more of a tasty hodge-podge of Latin cuisine, some jerk seasoned menu items, and a couple of Eastern selections.

This time around, we ordered Coconut Shrimp (~$9) to start, the Island Wrap (~$9), and the Blue Lagoon Salad (~$10). The coconut shrimp come fried in a light coconut batter, dusted with shaved coconut on a bed of lettuce, and served with a sweet raspberry dipping sauce. There are 6 per plate, perfect for two people to split if you’re hungry. These by far are our favorite coconut shrimp in the area and one of the main reasons we keep coming back. The island wrap is your basic herb flavored wrap filled with cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo, and your choice of grilled veggies or grilled/jerked chicken or mahi. I order the mahi, but unfortunately was brought the chicken, which is pretty good, but by no means as flavorful as the Caribbean food I’m used to. We also added sweet potato fries to the wrap which are definitely worth the buck. The salad is a fresh salad with walnuts, grape halves, lettuce, tomato, blue cheese, and few other items that can have chicken or mahi (jerked/grilled) added to it. The meal is served with fresh bread and a very mild jalapeƱo butter that has a great flavor. We also ordered a sweet tea (~$2) and a water.

We have yet to visit Island Pasta unfortunately and have really consistent, great service. Sometimes we get our food extremely fast, other times we’ve waited for over 45 minutes; sometimes we order fish and we get chicken. The wait staff is always very courteous, but the discrepancies from visit to visit are worth mentioning. That being said, we enjoy the food at Island Pasta and always plan on going when we know we will have lots of time to chat and take it easy during lunch.

Even though it would be nice to be able to get a ice-cold ginger beer and sit back with some jerked baby back ribs, I have yet to find a really good Caribbean restaurant in the Melbourne area to do so. My longing aside, the Island Pasta Company makes for a good eat in a nice spot downtown. If you’re looking for something different in the Brevard area, definitely check it out.

Island Pasta Company is located at 903 E New Haven Ave, Melbourne, FL.

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  1. sebastian Says:

    Hey Brian. Howzit? Been a very very long time. Hope all’s well. Anyway, saw that you’re still on an adventurous dining kick. I saw this on the Resident and instantly thought of you. Haven’t tried it yet, but the pictures look mouth-watering.

  2. Brian LeGros Says:

    @sebastian – Hey man, good to hear from you! Thanks for the link. I couldn’t remember the magazine’s name from the last time we saw ya, so I’m excited to read the reviews. It’s great to hear there is a good Jamaican-style restaurant in the area, I definitely have been craving some ginger beer. If there are any places you can recommend, please let me know. Great hearing from you!

  3. Lisa Says:

    Brian–Thanks for the review. I have to agree about the service concerns…service here has been mostly so-so for me. The menu, too, seems to have been the same for at least a decade…how about changing things up once in a while? The location and decor are lovely, though. Downtown Melbourne is great.

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