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Brian LeGros | November 13th, 2007 | food  

I haven’t really started to explore the microbreweries in the Central Florida area, but Charley and Jake’s Brewery and Grill feels like a great start. My wife and I always go to the restaurant located in Suntree rather than Indialantic because of the microbrewery; we’ve heard that the food on the island is better, but we haven’t taken the time to try it yet. Before we found Slow and Low, Charley and Jake’s was our BBQ stop in the Brevard area. More recently we’ve noticed a shift from a focus on BBQ to more of a diverse menu with salads, sandwiches, burgers, etc. This may be, however, because my wife and I look for different things to try on the menu rather than BBQ now-a-days. In fact, you may notice that Charley and Jake’s and Slow and Low have a very similar menu when it comes to BBQ, so who knows what that’s about. In any case, the food and beer is great and definitely worth the visit.

We went a few weeks ago with my in-laws and finally were able to resist ordering a smörgåsbord of food but we were still stuffed after we finished. To start, we ordered the Anniversary Ale (~$3), which has made it onto their permanent menu finally (pale ale), as well as a german-like beer being brewed in house. We also ordered a water and a sweet ice tea (~$2). For our meals, we ordered the catfish platter(~$11) with greens and mac and cheese, the Fisherman’s Plate (~$14) with fries and corn, the cheese steak (~$9) with a baked sweet potato, the prime rib sandwich (~$10) with corn, an extra side of fried sweet potatoes (~$4), and a plate of 6 hush puppies (~3). The catfish plate comes with fried catfish fingers that taste great, not like the traditional farm raise catfish people are used to and dislike. The fisherman’s plate comes with a beer-battered fried white fish, fried shrimp, and fried clams. The cheese steak has lots of veggies and is made with roast beef (I think) and mozzarella on a hoagie roll. The prime rib sandwich is very lean and comes open-face on garlic bread. The hush puppies were a little drier that what I like, but still tasty. If you’re looking for other items to try out, check out the BBQ Chicken Nachos (~$8) as well as the pulled turkey sandwich (~$8).

Overall, our servers have always been attentive and quick to get our food to us. Our food is always hot and the order has always been correct. I’ve heard of mixed reviews from others, but we’ve always enjoyed Charley and Jake’s and will continue to patronize it as long as they keep making their great beer and food. Keep up the great work guys (and get a website).

Charlie and Jake’s Brewery and Grill is located in Suntree at 6300 N Wickham Rd, Melbourne, FL.

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  1. Vince Says:

    A cheesesteak DOES NOT have veggies, mozzarella, or roast beef. It has steak, onion, cheese (american, whiz, or provolone), and grease. Each improper cheesesteak I see is like another dagger in my heart. :(

  2. BrianShoeman Says:

    Who spends $9 on a cheesesteak? Did you wipe the grease from your chin with a $50?

  3. Brian LeGros Says:

    @Vince – I totally agree with you and I wish I could find a really good cheesesteak in the area that conformed to those specs. Until then unfortunately, I’m probably gonna continue to enjoy the variations that cause your stabbing pains :’(

    @Brian – Hahaha, nice. It came with a side and hush puppies, but you’re right, if the price was closer to $7 that would be nicer. Thanks for pointing out that fact :)

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