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Brian LeGros | January 5th, 2008 | food  

When you mention going out for breakfast in Melbourne, most everyone who has lived in the area thinks of one place, the Blueberry Muffin Restaurant. Since my wife was a child, she has been going to the Blueberry Muffin with her family. From what I understand the restaurant hasn’t changed much from what it is today. They’ve got a bar where individuals can sit and a few dozen tables in the dining room. Each morning they make a few variations on their homemade quiche and muffins. Blueberry and chocolate chip muffins are always available, but other choices such as Strawberry Bran or Banana find their way on the menu pretty frequently. Healthy and hungry diners alike should have no trouble finding menu choices that will satisfy their appetites.

With family in town over the holidays, we decided there was no better time to visit. Between the table we ordered the country fried steak with sausage gravy and eggs with grits and rye toast (~$7), the daily quiche (spinach and cheese) with home fries and a biscuit (~$7), #1 Special with eggs, home fries, and a blueberry muffin (~$3), a large orange juice (~$3) and a few hot chocolates w/whipped cream (~$2). The food came out within 10 minutes, as it always does, and as usual, was great. The country fried steak and gravy is probably some of the best I’ve had. The quiche is a slice of a larger portion baked in a traditional pie crust topped with a melted, crusted cheese and filled with the mixture of the day (Sausage Mushroom was also available that day). Did I mention that the orange juice is fresh squeezed.

I am really glad that the Blueberry Muffin continues to operate and provide a great venue for grabbing breakfast. Their prices are reasonable (we’ve once fed 3 people for $10) and their staff is courteous and fast. If you haven’t heard about the Blueberry Muffin yet and live in the Brevard area, then you are missing out.

The Blueberry Muffin Restaurant is located at 1130 N Highway A1A, Indialantic, FL 32903.

NOTE: If you go on a Sunday be prepared to wait in line as much as 20 minutes to get a table. Don’t let this deter you though, it’s worth the wait.

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  1. Maxim Porges Says:

    You weren’t kidding on the country fried steak – that’s good breakfast eatin’.

    - max

  2. Brian LeGros Says:

    @Max – Yeah man, I’ll tell ya. I always convince myself that I won’t order it in favor of a healthier option, but I always give into temptation. Glad you enjoyed it!

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