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Brian LeGros | April 4th, 2008 | food  

Recently some friends of ours have been raving about this place beach side that has amazing shaved ice. My first reaction was, “Um, it’s ice that has been shaved into small pieces with juice … wow, sounds great.” Let me tell you, I am idiot for ever doubting them. The place they spoke of is Oasis Shaved Ice. Oasis opened up around last October and slowly has been gaining popularity with the locals. Oasis has a menu of over 20 flavors of shaved ice, each of which can be topped with condense milk (a snow-cap), topped with melted marshmallows (frost it) or have a scoop of ice cream thrown in before hand (stuff it). Flavors range from tropical fruits to sweet extracts to cake-based (that’s right) and can be served in 4 possible sizes, ranging from kids to large. Oasis also offers a variety of coffees and sodas for those, who for some reason, came to a shaved ice stand for something other than shaved ice.

My wife and I drove out on a Sunday afternoon and found cars in the drive-thru as well as one free space in the, all be it small, parking lot. Oasis instantly gave us that great beach side vibe that we’ve come to expect from the area. After about 10 minutes pouring over the choices, we went with a medium, half and half, blue raspberry and pina colada, and a medium Mardi Gras King Cake ($2.50 each). We had heard the cake flavors really tasted like cake but how would it taste in shaved ice? We weren’t disappointed. The pina colada tasted like fresh coconut and the blue raspberry didn’t taste like candy but raspberries. The Mardi Gras flavor was just like biting into a king cake; so much so, that it even came with a little plastic baby at the bottom.

It’s not hard to guess that we had a good experience, but here’s the kicker. While we eating, the woman working counter (she may have been the owner) drove away, drove back, walked up to us and asked, “I know this was your first time visiting, what did you think?” Wow, talk about the personal touch. This is why I love local businesses and will always patronize them. It looks like they can even take the business on the road with their own refrigerated truck. If you haven’t been by Oasis Shaved Ice, then do yourself a favor and go. Not only are you in for a refreshing treat, but it’s something you don’t get everyday with a great side of service.

Oasis Shaved Ice is located about a quarter-mile south of the Pineda Causeway on A1A in Satellite Beach, FL.

NOTE: Oasis Shaved Ice doesn’t take debit/credit cards, so make sure you bring CASH. Also, since this post was written we’ve tried Strawberry Cheesecake, Mango, and Grape which were equally great.

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  1. Vicki Says:

    Brian, Thanks for the nice things you said. If you change you opinion, or see things we can do to improve our product (or business), please do not hesitate to let us know. Thank you again for making our day. Hope all is well. Vicki and Willie Oasis Shaved Ice

  2. Brian LeGros Says:

    @Vicki – Thanks for stopping by. My wife, myself, and our friends and family all love your establishment. We will continue to be faithful supporters for as long as we can eat shaved ice :) Keep up the great work!

  3. justin Says:

    love the shaved ice and consider this to be a true staple to the beach side community. keep up the great work and the relaxing environment. i would eat shaved ice daily breakfast, lunch and dinner if my kids had it their way.
    thank you very much justin

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